About Us

Jon Yarwood Office Services aboutHere at Jon Yarwood Office Services, Jon has been supplying photocopiers to businesses for over 30 years. Quite confidently he can say that there can’t be many more as experienced as Jon, not only in the East Midlands but nationally. He has worked for some of the worlds largest companies like Canon, Ricoh and Xerox. Jon will always give good advice without any cost or obligation.

Jon’s speciality is copy print machines ranging from a small desktop to high production volume machines, … office or professional colour.

The very first step is to arrange a free review to establish the customer’s requirements. This includes a financial assessment determining the length of contract whether … or service is essential. It’s all about what’s right for the customer not just the supplier, which can often be the case!

Please take advantage of Jon’s vast experience and also his collection of trusted partners in I.T, web design and general office services. It just takes one call, what have you got to lose?