IT Services

Providing you with the very best in IT support and solutions. Here at Jon Yarwood we supply, install and support IT infrastructure for small and medium businesses throughout the East Midlands and the UK.

With a dedicated expert team and proactive 24/7 service approach, we are able to provide an individual support package tailored to the specific needs of your business and budget.

PC & Apple MAC Support

Our key areas of expertise include:
IT support – PC support – MAC support – Server support – IT services – on-site support – remote support – telephone support – apple mac support – maintenance – IT consultation –wifi networks – business broadband – Office 365 – Offsite backup

Business Broadband, Nottingham and the UK

Jon Yarwood in partnership with Bear IT who are a multi award winning company with a well-earned reputation for providing the very best in IT support and solutions.

We work in partnership with industry leaders to support the latest telephony and data solutions and we are committed to providing a support package that is tailored to the individual needs of your business and budget. We can offer you speed, reliability and a proactive service approach from a dedicated, expert team that is totally focused on your requirements. bear I.T. business broadband creates opportunities for business and consumers.

We offer a choice of packages for the office and homeworker, with ADSL2+, FTTC and Leased lines, supported by a dedicated technical support team.

Business Broadband Packages

  • Have predictable fixed-cost internet access
  • Send and receive emails almost in real-time
  • Send and receive large files, such as graphics, product documentation etc.
  • Connect offices together to allow seamless integration of many standard office functions.
  • 24 x 7 Unlimited Internet Access

All information contained within this page may be changed by Jon Yarwood & bear I.T. broadband without notice.

Off site back-up

Through Jon Yarwood  – bear I.T offsite backup is priced according to the amount of storage required to hold the backups. This will vary according to the type of data being backed up and the length of time the backup needs to be held for (retention period). Due to compression the storage required to hold the backups will usually be less than the size of the data to be backed up. If you wish to backup 100GB of file data and want to hold backups for the last 7 days, plus a weekly backup for the last 4 weeks and two monthly backups we estimate that you will require 100GB of backup storage.

Customers are invoiced monthly with a minimum contractual period of 12 months. If a customer uses more than their contract amount of storage they will be charged for the excess storage at their standard contracted rate. However, by contracting to a higher storage band the cost per GB of storage reduces. Customers can move up to a higher storage band at any time.

No Setup Fees

There are no initial setup fees. What’s more, unlike most backup software and services there is no charge for agents to backup Exchange, Domino, SQL Server, Oracle. There is a one-off charge per individual Exchange mailbox if you want individual mailbox backup in addition to standard Exchange backup.

PC & MAC Backup Services

With automatic, offsite, daily back-up monitored by us, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is secure. And if things do go wrong, we’re here to save the day with dedicated service, a 24/7 approach and an expert team that is totally focused on your needs.